poster-squareIrrational Robot Bureau, in collaboration with KTO Productions presents a new, original adaptation of “Alcestis” by the Classic Greek tragedian Euripides!

The ancient play enacts the myth of Admetus and Alcestis, King and Queen of Pherae, who become participants in the dealings of deities and, consequently, are emblazoned by the divine fire.

With the aid of a powerful god, the King is granted the ability to circumvent Death’s designs on him… but only if another will offer up his or her own mortal existence. When no one else can be found, the Queen Alcestis steps forward, thereby igniting the flames of a passionate struggle for identity, soul, ecstasy and agency… and for the assurance of choosing how we live and how we die.

September, 16 – October 1, 2016
The Slate Theater

Adapted & Directed by Adrian D. Cameron

Assitant Director: Jenni Taggart
Co-Producer: Doug Knoop
Stage Manager: Malie Fujii

Scenic Design: Morgan Sobel (aka Jack Fool)
Costume Design: Sonya Hachez
Lighting Design: Robert Falk

Aaron Moore
Beverly Poole
Dara Lillis
David Cravens-O’farrell
Elizabeth Deutsch
Heidi Cheyenne
Ian Gerrard
Isis Phoenix
Keli Schurman-Darby
Laura Shearer
Laurell Haapanen
Marie Bolla

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