Toni Douglass Geer


It is with great sadness that we tell you of the passing of Toni Douglass Geer. She was a founding member of KTO Productions, directed two of our shows (“The Weir” and “Sea Marks”), and wrote a piece for “[Boxed].” She will be remembered as a wonderful playwright, actor, mentor, dear friend and dynamite human being. Below is an excerpt from her director’s notes in the program for “The Weir” (2011). We will miss her.

“Fair warning: your hearts are not entirely safe for the next hour plus. We plan to make them sing and break them in two, but I believe you’ll be glad for it. Despite how our lives feel sometimes, we aren’t alone. Sure and I’m tellin’ ya, we’re all in this together.”

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  1. No better actress or sharper wit ever crossed a stage, terrace, nor open glade than that bonnie lass right there. Toni was, bar none, the best actress I ever worked with and she crested even that as loving mother to Andrew. My heart to Michael and Andrew.

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