KTO Productions is a Seattle-area theater company.

Our sixth production, “Love Song” by John Kolvenbach, was presented Jan. 28-Feb. 14, 2016, at Theatre4, Center House, Seattle Center.

Our fifth production, “Molly Sweeney” a drama by Brian Friel, was staged Oct. 8-24, 2015, at Theatre4, Center House, Seattle Center.

For our fourth production, we partnered with LungFish Productions, STAGEright Theatre, Confrontational Theatre, Clutch Theatre, Bradetta Doyle-Vines, Dan Davidson and Emily Harvey to produce [BOXED.], a new work about what it means to be family. It played Aug. 7-15 at SecondStory Repertory in Redmond.

Our third production, Gardner McKay’s romantic drama “Sea Marks” played Oct. 11-Nov.2 at Freehold Theatre in Seattle’s Belltown.

Our second production, Marsha Norman’s 1983 Pulitzer prize-winning drama “night mother” played Nov. 1-17, 2012, at the Odd Duck Studio.

Our inaugural production of Conor McPherson’s “The Weir” played Oct. 6-22, 2011, at the Odd Duck Studio.


KTO Productions was formed to allow artists to stretch beyond their “comfort zones” and to create and perform projects they are passionate about.


Founding Members

Toni Douglass       Kelly Johnson

Doug Knoop         Mike Murdock

Keith Nicholai          Lantz Wagner         Teresa Widner

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